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Why Doesn’t He Love Me Anymore?

Why Doesn’t He Love Me Anymore?

The feeling of falling out of love isn’t a pleasant one by any stretch of the imagination — especially when you’re on the receiving end. You’re left to wonder what went wrong, whether it was your fault, and if there’s anything you can do to change things. The good news for you is that most people don’t simply turn love on and off like a light switch. It takes time to fall in love — and to fall out of it. That means he probably isn’t quite there yet. And a little bit of love is all you need as a foundation upon which you can build a once in a lifetime kind of love.

But, knowing that doesn’t fix the problem in your relationship. What you need is a plan of action that’s sure to SOLVE the problem.

Your immediate problem is that he isn’t FEELING the love right now. The solution is simple. You need to make him feel the love again. Of course, from where you sit, reading this, it doesn’t seem all that simple. Consider making these moves to see what a difference they make in how he feels about you.

1) Start Dressing to Impress

While the best relationships aren’t based on looks alone, it never hurts for your man to see you making an effort to look good for him. Wear the clothes he likes to see you wearing, fix up your hair, apply a few strategic cosmetics, etc. You may even consider professional waxing services.

These moves won’t necessarily have him feeling the love for you again, but they will certainly get his attention. Once you have his attention, it’s time to make your next move.

2) Change the Way YOU Show Your Love for Him

Men and women express love and feel loved in different ways. While stereotypes aren’t always helpful, it does help to understand that there are fundamental differences. Men feel and show love through physical acts. Not all of them are sexual. Sometimes, it’s little things like making sure the oil is changed in your car or mowing the lawn week after week. At other times it is more personal, such as a protective hand on your back in public, a steadying arm as you climb steps together, or intimate acts that are the ultimate expression of love for the average man.

Women express love differently. The expressions are often verbal or service oriented. Taking care of the household, preparing meals, and other domestic tasks are prime examples. Women are also much more likely to use words to express your love. If you want him to feel love you must watch the words you use at all times. Words that criticize, confront, or disrespect tear down the love he’s building while words that edify, respect, and show deep admiration and loyalty build up the love. Physical acts, such as touching and other acts of service are also excellent choices because they show him YOUR love in HIS language.

Keep these things in mind and you’ll never need to ask, “Why doesn’t he love me anymore?” again. He’ll be feeling the love and showing you more than a little love in return.