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How To Fix Your Relationship or Get Your Ex Back

How To Fix Your Relationship Or Win Your Ex Back

Are you desperate to improve your relationship. Or maybe you are seeking help with winning your ex back. It can seem like an overwhelming task when you feel like you have tried everything and nothing seems to work. Over 90% of people with a problem think the solution is to do more of what they are doing or do it longer or maximize how they are doing it. But more often, the answers is to do something completely different. Something completely counter-intuitive to what you would think is going to work.

How Do I Know He Love Me?

So start with the obvious focus on increasing the passion and connection in your relationship and just give it a new twist. And it goes without saying, that focusing on the problems in your relationship will do just the opposite of what you want. Focus on problems and you both will be sending more intention and awareness to what is not working and why you perhaps don’t want this relationship anymore.

Passion and what’s working is the answer. But how do you create that. We are all driven to seek a more fulfilling, loving and rewarding life. When you make who you are more about the positivity in who you are, you increase the attraction and focus on wanting to be closer to you and have you be more apart of what looks like the good life, the life we love and want more of. This is the start of you looking really attractive now.

Unhappy couple after fight not talking to each other

So how does that look. Focus on the positives about you and connect with the feeling that goes with confidence and positivity. You can create a stronger feeling by bringing up an image that connects with the feeling you want to have. Make it even stronger by focusing on the internal sensations and energy that you notice. Passion starts in your mind but lives in every cell of your being. Your job is to get quiet and notice. It gets easier with time and practice so don’t give it two minutes and then say “well that doesn’t work.” It takes a little time to rewire your brain.

Now that you’ve got the concept down, remember a small, simple date that includes loving intention, a loving gaze,a gentle touch, kind words, listening attention, and a soft warm voice will bring more connection than a two hour rehashing of why there was an affair and who is to blame and how painful this all is. You had that conversation already. Time to move on to more love and passion because you and your relationship are worth it.