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What a Girl Wants – And Why You Are The Man . . .

What a Girl Wants – And Why You’re the Man to Give it to Her

Relationships with women can be a bit of a mystery to the modern man. It seems that girls today say one thing and want something else. In some ways that’s true. Women are constantly at war with a long history of genetic encoding where relationships are concerned and thoroughly modern ideas of what relationships should be. Somewhere in the mix, is a very mixed up girl. However, there are a few things that are almost universally wanted by women in relationships today. Do these things and she’s sure to be putty in your hands.

Treat Her Like a Lady

This is one thing that needs to be done in both word and deed. Talk to her and in her presence in a manner that’s befitting a lady. It might receive a few raised eyebrows at first, because it’s so novel. After a while, however, it will really begin to shape your entire relationship — especially when you follow up with treating her like a lady. There’s nothing wrong with opening doors, leading on the dance floors, and even small acts of chivalry. It’s a lost art that many women truly lament. More importantly, most women want to be treated that way, they’re just afraid to speak up and ask for it.

Give Her Room to Grow

Just as men don’t appreciate being smothered in constant togetherness; women need a little time to pursue interests of their own. Whether it’s educational, spiritual, or simply time to go out and connect with the girls, your lady needs to enjoy some space from the relationship so that she can feed the person she is as well as the partner she needs to be for you.

At the same time, it’s healthy for you to pursue outside interests such as hobbies, weekly poker night, or even joining a bowling league if that’s your thing. You will grow much better together if you’re also both growing as individuals in the process.

Be a Partner to Share it All

Relationships are partnerships whether you’re entering your first year together or your fiftieth. She needs to know that you’re her partner in every aspect of the relationship. She doesn’t want to feel as though you’re going to run out on her when the real work gets started, dishes need to be washed, or lawns require mowing. Even if you agree on how to split the responsibilities it’s important to make those decisions together, as equals.

Relationships today are much simpler than many people try to make them out. Girls are complex creatures to the average man who knows what he wants and isn’t afraid to say it. Give her what she wants first; so that she never needs to ask for it, and she’ll have a hard time even thinking about looking elsewhere for love.

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