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Intimacy Challenge – Too Tired to Tango?

Intimacy Challenge – Are You Too Tired to Tango?

It’s become such a huge problem across the nation that it’s been addressed on the Dr. Oz show and in countless marriage counseling sessions in between. American couples have problems with creating time for intimacy. They are exhausted to the point they don’t even have time to enjoy intimate relations between man and wife. And it’s destroying romance in America — not to mention taking a huge toll on marriages. If your marriage is suffering from a drought of human contact, the good news is that it isn’t beyond hope. There are small moves you can start making today that will help you turn your marriage around and find the energy to put on your dancing shoes.

Create a Sleep Schedule in Your Home

Everyone needs a sleep schedule. The key is to be consistent with the sleep schedule – even on the weekend when many people attempt to make up for the sleep deprivation they’ve suffered during the week. Getting everyone — husband, wife, children, and pets on a similar schedule can eliminate the groggy run down feeling that overwhelms just before calling it a night in the evening. It can also help you keep better track of how much sleep you’re actually getting.

Reprioritize and Learn to Delegate

This is especially difficult for women who like to feel they can do it all. The truth of the matter is that it’s not all getting done. Things are falling through the cracks and you really don’t want your marriage to be that thing that is falling. Ask for help and learn to accept help as it comes. It’s not going to be perfect when someone else does it – but that’s OK. The other thing to remember is that you need to watch your priorities. If everything and everyone else is coming before your happy home life then something’s gotta go. It’s not fair to you, your husband, or your marriage to keep things going as they are.

Schedule Weekly Intimate Moments

It may feel a little strained at first – even a little awkward. But, the odds are good that won’t last long. In fact, many couples find that after a couple of weeks of “penciling it in” the spontaneity begins to re-tune – and the fun. More importantly, the simple process of physical intimacy returns life to your marriage.

Yes, there is a drought going on in homes across America. Your home does not have to be one of the unhappy homes it’s happening in if you follow these great tips.