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Make Your Girl Feel Special


Four Simple Things You Can Do To Make Your Girl Feel Special

Successful relationships aren’t always about perfect matches, fewer fights, or zero conflicts in the relationships. They’re often about how you make each other FEEL. If you feel disrespected or scorned by your wife, you’re not going to feel good about your relationship. You’re not going to want to stay.

Women often FEEL, whether or not they really are, as though they’re taken for granted, inferior, or second place in the lives of the men they love. Those are the moments when they cry into their pillows because they feel as though no matter how much they give, work, and try, it’s never enough. That’s why it’s so important for you to do simple things like these to make her FEEL as special as she is to you.

1) Leave her silly little love notes.

I bet you did this when you first started dating. How long has it been since you’ve done it? Not text messages or emails. Hand-wr

Make Your Girl Feel Special_14

itten little love notes. On sticky notes, bathroom mirrors, or even cocktail napkins. They don’t have to be deep and profound. They just need to exist.

2) Give her fun awards.

Let her know how much you appreciate the things she does around the house (cleaning, cooking, taking care of the children) by coming home with bars of chocolate, gourmet coffee drinks, blue ribbons, or tiny tokens of appreciation. You don’t have to spend a lot of money to make her feel special. It’s rarely about the money and always about how you make her feel.

3) Become “Mr. Mom” one night a week.

It sounds like a huge imposition. It may even go against your grain. However, the rewards of giving her this one night a week off, will be well worth your sacrifice. Give her one night to relax, rest, and not be the one making all the household decisions for an evening. If Michael Keaton could do it back in the 1980’s, you’ve got this!

4) Tell her how you really feel.

I know, the strong silent type is what women want. It’s true. However, she doesn’t want you quiet all the time. She may never acknowledge to you how much it means to her to hear these words, but they matter to her — a LOT! If you want to make her heart swell with pride in a job well done and to fill her head with the knowledge that she is loved and appreciated by you, the number one way to make the message clear is in your own words.

Making your girl feel like she’s queen of your world doesn’t require you to go out of your way or to rob the biggest bank in town. These simple things will do the trick in grand fashion. This time, the tears she cries will be tears of happiness and contentment — not tears of frustration and futility.