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What Do Men Need from the Women They Love?

What Do Men Need from the Women They Love?

Men really do have simple needs when it comes to relationships. Despite their resistance to change, men have adapted well to the falling away from “love, honor, and obey” (mostly the obey part of that to be honest) as the commandment of all things relationship. However, that doesn’t imply that they don’t have needs of their own that must be addressed in order for them to remain happy in their marriages. In fact, men have very strong needs – though he’ll likely never explain them to you. There are three overriding needs, though, that every girl needs to understand and meet in order to have a truly happy relationship with the man she loves.

1) Show Him Respect

You don’t have to bow down before him or anything like that. You don’t even need to defer to him, although, at the proper moments in the relationship this can really stroke his ego and make him fall even harder in love with you. The main ways to show respect are in how you interact. Don’t talk down to him. Don’t make him feel inferior. And for goodness sakes, avoid criticism — especially in the form of nagging — at all costs. This makes him feel as though you’re looking down on him and lack respect for him. It leads to “greener grass syndrome” and other negative feelings about you and your relationship.

It’s hard ladies, to get him to do what you want sometimes. That’s usually a sign that he really doesn’t want to do the job – whatever the job may be. So, you have three choices that don’t involve nagging. Make him an offer that makes it worth his while to get the chore done by a specific time or date, do it yourself without holding a grudge (which may be easier said than done), or hire someone else to do it for the sake of the relationship. Even when money is tight, it’s sometimes better to pay someone else to do the jobs neither of you are willing to do, but both want done. The respect you’re both able to maintain for each other by doing this is worth its weight in gold.

2) Admiration

Think long and hard. When was the first time you paid your handsome man a compliment? How about flirting? Do you engage in a little active flirting when you’re out in public, riding in the car, through text messages at the office? When was the last time you let him know that you still think he rocks his Levi’s? Little things like this make a huge difference to the man in your life and in your relationship.

3) Loyalty

Never let him doubt your loyalty. There’s no bigger relationship killer for men than this. Don’t flirt with his best friend – or anyone else for that matter – in an attempt to make him jealous. It will backfire on you every time. Don’t let him overhear you talking negatively about him around the girls. Show loyalty at all times and you can expect to receive the same kind of loyalty from him in return.

Don’t believe me? Try it out and see how quickly things change between you – for the better.