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Signs She’s Thinking About Leaving and How to Make Her Love You Again

Signs She’s Thinking About Leaving and How to Make Her Love You Again

No man wants to entertain the possibility that the object of his affections is considering walking away. However, it’s a worry that comes into most relationships at one point or another. Before you jump the gun though, and make assumptions that simply aren’t true, it’s a good idea to explore these signs she’s got leaving on her mind and what you can do to make her love you again.

She’s Working Extra Hours

According to a recent Daily Mail UK article, a wife who’s suddenly working extra hours, may be thinking about leaving. Many women often see extra hours of work as a type of insurance that they’ll be financially able to survive the burden of single living when they do leave the relationship. Ironically, the extra hours worked in the office, did not equate to a more equitable share of household duties, responsibilities, and childrearing.

What can you do to make her love you again if she’s working late? Perhaps now is the time to roll out the red carpet and show her what she’ll be missing if she does walk away. While you don’t have to do it all, make her feel that her extra hours are noticed and that you appreciate the effort she’s making on behalf of the family. Pitch in around the house a little bit. Offer her a “night off” during the week. Or simply offer her a back massage – no strings attached (unless she makes the first move). Little things are often what makes or breaks a marriage. Make them work in your favor for a change.

She’s Stopped Nagging

While most men initially want to shot joyous expressions from the mountaintops, if your wife suddenly stops nagging, it may not be good news for your marriage. The average male hates few things more than he hates being nagged. It’s like getting a running dialog of how you’re not measuring up to your wife’s expectations. It leaves you feeling angry and small (and not at all inclined to do the deed being requested — EVER).

Most of the time, you even tune out the nagging completely. If it sounds like your wife’s about to start nagging her monologue begins to take on the intonations of the teacher from Charlie Brown cartoons. So it may even take you a while to notice that she’s stopped asking/nagging you to do anything. Once you do, you may feel a moment of relief and even excitement that she’s finally gotten the message. The problem with that though, is that most of the time it isn’t the message you wanted her to get.

Quite often, for women, the decision to quit “nagging” is one that’s only made once she’s given up on rescuing the relationship. It means that she’s not going to try anymore. It’s a good sign that leaving is very much on her mind.

What can you do when this is the case? You might have to do something totally out of character to win your wife’s affection once again. You need to start by talking to each other. She feels unimportant to you because you’re not taking an interest in the things she asks you to do. You feel “put upon” or put down by her because she keeps asking you to do something you do not want to do. Somewhere in the middle is a solution that will work for both of you. But, no one is going to find it if you keep ignoring the problem that’s ripping your marriage to shreds.

Sometimes the answers aren’t as easy as making her fall in love with you again. Love, after all, isn’t always the problem in divorce or breakups. The key is to have those conversations before things get out of hand and leaving is a card she’s thinking about playing.