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Four Ways To Make Your Man Feel Like He’s the King of Your Castle

Four Ways To Make Your Man Feel Like He’s the┬áKing of Your Castle

It doesn’t take long for most women to figure out the dynamics of your relationship. Your man feels best, when he feels as though he’s large and in charge around the house. Perhaps it’s a respect issue. Perhaps it’s simply something that’s been ingrained in the mail psyche since the Cro-Magnon phase. Regardless, the need still exists for men to at least believe they rule the roost. Here are a few things you can do to make your man feel like he’s definitely the king of your castle.

1) Treat him like a king with loyalty.

Loyalty is perhaps the most important thing your man expects from you. Don’t sit around with girlfriends talking bad about him. Lift him up in your words, thoughts, and actions. It will make a world of difference for you and for him.

2) Show him your respect.

Respect is just as important for the average man as loyalty. When you respect him, you’re always trying to earn his respect in return. It’s a state of mind thing. However, when you SHOW him your respect, you’re giving him the exact type of affirmation of your love he needs in order to remain confident in your love for him and his role in the family.

3) Stop NAGGING.

He hates his more than you know. Not only does it make him FEEL disrespected, it also shows him that you’re not respecting the many things he does to keep your family in ship-shape. Nagging, in his eyes, is simply pointing out the ways you think he’s failing or letting you down. Most of the time, it makes him that much more determined not to do the thing you want accomplished and it creates a vicious cycle of unhappiness all around. Find another way to accomplish your goals if asking once isn’t getting it done. It will save your relationship a great deal of conflict and will spare ill will on both sides of the equation.

4) Tell him how you feel.

How long has it been since you’ve made the effort to tell your man how glad you are that he’s in your life. Let him know how many ways he makes your life better. Inform him of just how much you admire and respect him. Flatter him. Boost his ego. And remind him just how happy you are to be part of his life — and how glad you are that he is part of yours.
You don’t have to debase yourself in order to let him be king of your castle. You don’t have to grovel at his feet or bow down before him. You don’t even have to do the Wayne’s World “We’re not worthy!” montage. You just have to do these four things and he’ll never need to wonder about his place in your heart and mind.