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VIDEO – How to Avoid Premature Reconciliation

Reconciliation: How To Avoid Premature Reconciliation: When Getting Back With Your Ex.

T Dub again with some letters from viewers and he shares some tips for successfully negotiating the timing when getting back together with your ex. Reconciliation times need a delicate balance of come close and stay back. You don’t want to close the distance too quick because the waters are still a bit cool and this technique will just serve to push your partner further away.

Timing and pacing can make all the difference when you are attempting to re-engage with an ex-partner. Do not come on too hot and heavy in pursuit. Just be positive, empathetic, a good listener and keep it brief. But don’t take my word for it, just check out this video and see what the expert has to share on how to negotiate this delicate balance between together and not together.

Declaring your undying love is an extreme example of what not to do. Talking on the phone for 45 minutes, another not so good idea. Constant texting in pursuit of ex, another not so good idea. When you want to get your ex back, you are going to need specific clear information about how to maximize your chances.