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Want to Get Your Ex Back? Try This!

Want to Get Your Ex Back? Try This!

Movies and romance novels make it look so easy to get your ex back. We all understand that love goes wrong sometimes. But, if you really want to turn the tide for your relationship, you might have to switch up tactics a little bit and try something new and different. Don’t let cheesy romantic movies and novels that are fantasy filled ruin your chances. Instead, take a moment to sneak a peek at real advice that gets real results.

Walk Away – And Don’t Look Back

I’m not saying you shouldn’t entertain the idea of getting back together with your ex or that you should even give up hope that you’ll be able to accomplish your mission. However, you want to make your ex believe that you’ve given up — that you aren’t trying to fix things anymore.


Because that’s really the only way your ex is going to recognize what it means to be alone. As long as you keep coming around or trying to make things right, your ex has the pleasure of your company and the certainty of your support. Walk away. Go through the motions of moving on with your life and let your ex see what life is like without you in it. More importantly, let your ex wonder who you’re spending your time with now.

Start Investing in Yourself

During a relationship, people often spend so much time focused on the other person that you ignore the things you want or need. Now is the perfect opportunity to put a little time and attention to fulfilling your own wishes and needs whether they are educational, financial, career-related, or physical in nature. Put yourself first for a change and enjoy a return on investment that involves self-confidence, self-value, and a renewed sense of self-worth.

What most people don’t realize is that this is a critical component of getting an ex back. When you start taking care of yourself and putting yourself first for a change, there are often visible changes the world will notice. Word travels quickly in some circles and your ex, unless he or she has relocated to a rock on Mars, is likely to hear about all the changes going on with you. Your ex is bound to be curious and curiosity usually works in your favor at times like these.

But, don’t take the call, answer the email, or agree to meet your ex until you have a solid strategy in place to make the most of this meeting. Without the right plan in hand, you can undo all your hard work in one single phone call, conversation, or meeting.