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Why is it So Hard to Move On?

Why is it So Hard to Move On?

You see some people go through breakups who seem completely unflappable. They never seem to lose their motivation or sense of self the way you have. You can’t figure out why you’re having such as hard time while other men just move on to the next girl and act as though their worlds haven’t stopped turning altogether.

The truth is that for some men, the world hasn’t stopped turning. They are able to move on because they never were fully invested in the relationship to begin with. But you can’t seem to let go and move on. Is there a reason you’re not able to put the past behind you and start to look towards the future again? The truth is there might be three.

1) Your Heart isn’t In It?

Your head may be ready to move forward, get out there, and start playing the field, but your heart still belongs to the girl that got away. Your heart has you convinced that there’s still a chance, no matter how remote, and you want to try to make it work. You’re still hoping to get her back even if your head is telling you it can’t happen.

2) You Like What You Had

You’re not ready to give up on it. It was good between the two of you once upon a time. You believe, if you could just get her to see things your way, that it could be that good for the two of you again. It makes perfect sense to want to recapture something good that’s gotten away from you. It might even be possible. The place where you’re fuzzy is on how to make it happen.

3) You Don’t Think it’s Really Over

You believe that she still have feelings for you. They may be buried deep down inside, but you believe she still loves you. Chances are good that you’re right. Unfortunately for you, seeing the cold shoulder you’ve been getting lately, it seems like those feelings were buried very deep. The longer things go, though, the more time she has to deal with those feelings and put them to rest. That’s good news for you because if you play your cards right and give her the space she needs, there’s a good chance she’ll rediscover that love for you.

The thing to remember is that sometimes, it only takes going through the motions of moving on to realize how you really feel. Or, perhaps more importantly, to force her to confront how she really feels. While it’s never good, to play head games with the girl you love, sometimes it helps to let things ride a little while and see where circumstance take you.